Corona shed ‘crocodile tears,’ says Palace
Lacierda reacts to Corona's 'malicious' statement

MANILA, Philippines – The word war between Malacañang and Chief Justice Renato Corona escalated on Monday, February 13, as the presidential spokesperson accused him of “waging a political campaign while pretending to despise politics.”

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Lacierda was reacting to a statement issued by Corona, who said that President Benigno Aquino III has committed an “impeachable offense” when “he came out swinging by openly urging the Senator-Judges to disobey the Constitution he has personally sworn to uphold.”

“None are so blind as those who refuse to see,” Lacierda said in his statement. “At the heart of the impeachment and trial of the Chief Justice is his character.  We all know that he accepted a midnight appointment as Chief Justice, when Manuel Moran, a previous Chief Justice, considered it dishonorable to do so. Since that first, fateful step, his march of folly continues unabated.”

Lacierda added: ” He pleads political persecution. He claims the law is on his side. The truth is, he has cast his position in such deep shame, and caused public scandal so damaging to justice and good governance, that he has become the first Chief Justice to be impeached.”

Lacierda defended the President and insisted that he is committed “to do justice to every man.”

Lacierda said: “It goes beyond irony that the Chief Justice is waging a political campaign while pretending to despise politics. He brought politics into the Court; now that the political process enshrined in our Constitution has called him to account, he sheds crocodile tears while attempting to subvert the impeachment court.” –


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