REPLAY: Day 18 (Click here for other clips)

Day 18, Part 1: Rappler Macaraig tells us what to expect on day 18; session starts.


Day 18, Part 2: Enrile, judges and prosecution debate authenticity of bank documents attached to subpoena requests

Day 18, Part 3: BPI bank manager cannot take the witness stand because she gave birth


Day 18, Part 4: PSBank manager asked about relatives connected to the family of Rep. Niel Tupas Jr.


Day 18, Part 5: PSBank manager ordered to bring signature specimens of bank officials

Day 18, Part 6: Defense team press conference


Day 18, Part 7: Rep. Tupas denies knowing PSBank manager Tiongson and takes exception to the names of his father, brother and wife being dragged into the issue.


Day 18, Part 8: PSBank Pascual Garcia III returns to the witness stand


Day 18, Part 9: Garcia: The documents provided by the court show both peso and dollar account details


Day 18, Part 10: PSBank confirms that a similar document to the subpoena attachment exists in his bank’s records; Session adjourns


Day 18, Part 11: Prosecution holds press conference

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