LOOK: ‘Magical Field of Lights’ in Nuvali is the perfect Christmas treat

Rhea Claire Madarang
Imagine a gigantic field totally aglow with 5,000 stunning lights. It's a romantic, dreamy, festive show for everyone to enjoy

CLOSER LOOK. Colorful lights up close

Imagine a vast field blooming with vibrant colors, except that it is not filled with flowers, but with lights that look like flower buds glowing in the night.

This is what the Magical Field of Lights is – a 3,600-square-meter field filled with 5,000 tulip bud lights that glow, flash, and change color rhythmically to Christmas music, as part of a light and sound show that runs every night at The Fields in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna during this holiday season.  

This field of lights with a light and sound show is the first of its kind in the Philippines, according to Nuvali marketing manager Jennifer Chua.

MAGICAL FIELD OF LIGHTS. This field in Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna, blooms not with flowers but with light buds. All photos by Rhea Claire Madarang

CHANGING COLORS. The lights change color in time to music

CLOSE-UP. The lights look like buds, or eggs.

DAYTIME. During the day, the field of lights look like this.

RAIN. Aside from the light buds, there are also 1,000 tube lights that move like raindrops in the field.

And, also part of the show are laser lights and other lights above the field that pan and swirl in different colors. Occasionally, fog rolls in, transforming the lights over the field into colorful mists. 

LIGHTS ABOVE. Lights like these move and form patterns above the field.

FOG IN LIGHTS. Fog rolling across the field lends drama to the lights projected in the sky.

COLOR SWIRLS. The lights in the sky form different patterns like these during the show.

The lights are meticulously timed to two 5-minute medleys – one of foreign and classic Christmas songs, and the other of Filipino Christmas songs.

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The show is directed by Voltaire de Jesus, the same director for the annual Ayala Triangle’s own light and sound show, Festival of Lights. And if one of the Christmas medleys sound familiar, it is because it is the same medley played at the Ayala Triangle’s own show. The Filipino Christmas medley at the Magical Field of Lights, meanwhile, is especially arranged for Nuvali. The Filipino medley is curated by Trina Cayabyab, musician and daughter of acclaimed composer Ryan Cayabyab. (IN PHOTOS: The 2016 Ayala Triangle Christmas ‘Festival of Lights’ is here!

The field of lights is beautiful from any angle, but the best view is from the front, or the bleachers, so that not only the lights from the field but also the light patterns projected in the sky will be clearly visible. Watching from the side or the back of the field will not let the patterns form as clearly, but will still offer a good view nevertheless.

FROM THE OTHER SIDE. While the light patterns in the sky don'€™t clearly show, the field is still beautiful from the back or the side.

Aside from the actual field of lights, the Magical Field of Lights also has other eye-catching light installations, like the 50-meter light tunnel leading to the field of lights. Walk inside the tunnel and enjoy the arching lights. But walk outside, too, to enjoy the Christmas trees and dandelions in different colors. You can even relax on one of the benches amid the Christmas trees while waiting for the light show. 

MORE LIGHTS. Aside from the actual field of lights, there are other beautiful lights in the grounds too.

LIGHT TUNNEL. From the entrance a tunnel will lead you to the field of lights.

DREAMLIKE. The beautiful arching lights in the tunnel often make people stop to take photos.

CHRISTMAS TREES. Christmas trees stand in different colors outside the tunnel.

BENCHES. There are also benches where you can sit to take in the view.

DANDELIONS. There are also colorful dandelions like this red one in the photo aside from the trees.

TREES AND TUNNEL. Look around from different perspectives and you will find sights like this.

All of the lights used are LED lights encased in re-usable materials, which will be used for other light displays, also in keeping with Nuvali’s environmental sustainability efforts, as the community is built with green design and technology like solar panels and piping for recycling water.

Aside from the show, there are also Christmas markets and bazaars nearby, particularly at Nuvali’s Activity Park. On weekends especially, there are also food stalls selling Filipino delicacies like bibingka and puto bumbong in the Magical Field of Lights area.

While next year’s show and concept might be different, according to Nuvali’s marketing manager, Nuvali will now be making Christmas light and sound shows an annual holiday event like Ayala Triangle’s Festival of Lights. 

The Magical Field of Lights light and sound show runs every 30 minutes from 6 pm to 10 pm every night until January 8 next year. Venue is at the Fields, which is close to Solenad 3 and S & R. Check out more photos here.

How to get there: 

If you are going by private vehicle, drive to the South Luzon Expressway (SLEX). Nuvali can be accessed through any of the following exits: Sta. Rosa, Calamba, Silangan, Eton City-Greenfield, or Greenfield City/Unilab/Mamplasan.

If you are commuting, there are Nuvali-bound buses in Makati and vans in Alabang. You can also just take a Balibago-bound bus or van then ride a jeepney to Nuvali. Travel time takes around an hour from Makati and around 30 minutes from Alabang. 

Some notes and tips:

1. Check the weather forecast before you go. Shows sometimes get canceled when it rains, as some lights like the laser lights cannot get wet.

2. Go on a weeknight if you want to avoid the big weekend crowds. Weekends, though, are a good time to also catch other Christmas shows and events in Nuvali. If you are going on a weekend, you can watch from the back or the side of the field if you want more space. While you might not see the projected light patterns so clearly from these vantage points, the field’s lights and colors are still magnificent.

3. There are portable toilets in the area.

4. The light and sound show is not advisable for people with epilepsy. This precaution is also announced at the beginning of each show.

5. The terrain to the venue slightly slopes upwards, and can be challenging but still relatively manageable for people with physical disabilities.

6. In case of medical emergencies, there is a rescue nurse and ambulance on standby.

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