China lands jet fighter on carrier for the first time

The Chinese defense ministry announced on Sunday, November 25, a China-made J-15 fighter jet landed on its first aircraft carrier, the Liaoning. It marked the first time that China successfully landed a fighter jet on its new aircraft carrier, which entered into service in September. The successful landing of a fighter jet on the Liaoning signalled Beijing’s ability to flex its military muscle in territorial disputes in both the East China Sea and the South China Sea (West Philippine Sea). The Liaoning is a former Soviet carrier formerly known as the Varyag, which was refurbished at the northeastern port of Dalian in China. Originally constructed in the 1980s for the Soviet Navy, the Varyag was never completed, the BBC said. When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, the Varyag remained in Ukraine until it was bought by a Chinese company and shipped to China in 2001. The vessel has had extensive sea trials.

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