Defense counsel cursed, bashed senators on Twitter?

Natashya Gutierrez
Is Judd Roy behind the controversial tweets?

ROY RANTS. Defense counsel Judd Roy III is known for his boisterous nature, but denies owning the Twitter account.

MANILA, Philippines – This time, it is a defense counsel being questioned.

A lawyer of Chief Justice Renato Corona, Judd Roy III is the talk of the town after recent tweets by the private Twitter account @One1ron has caught the attention of netizens. Numerous tweets from the account bashed prosecutors, senator-judges, even the President.

The account is allegedly owned by Roy.

Troublesome tweets

The blog Impeachment Watch posted screenshots of the tweets from the account.

Tweets ranged from comments on the case to insulting remarks regarding some members of the court and the prosecution team.

A tweet dated February 2 read, “Honasan and Estrada stick the dagger into Tupas throat. Nicely done, guys.”

On February 13, the account posted, “Cuevas will continue attacking Drilon. No one will be able to stop this bloody massacre,” and the next day, “Atty. Osmena confirming that there are no Corona accounts. — Precisely, client hiding nothing. Idiot.”

Additionally, there were several curse words posted in other tweets.

Curious connections

Some tweets especially stood out due to curious details.

A tweet dated February 10 read, “Since we’re all into truth seeking and what not, why not demand PNoy/AbNoy release his psychiatric evaluation and medical records?”

A week later, Chief Justice Renato Corona suggested that President Benigno Aquino III release his psychological records in a speech he delivered to the public.

The account also posted on February 15, “Uh oh. Sen. Estrada going after the relationships of Tiongson. Let’s see if related to Pinnochio or Lapu-lapu Garoupa.”

February 15 was the day senator-judge Jinggoy Estrada questioned Philippine Savings Bank Katipunan branch manager Annabelle Tiongson, who is from Iloilo, and how she was related to prosecutor Niel Tupas Jr., also an Ilonggo. Senator-judge Franklin Drilon is from the same province as well.

Roy has used the moniker “Pinocchio” to refer to an individual from the prosecution in past interviews with Rappler.

There was also a tweet to this account from @iDoranne, an account owned by Doranne Lim, who is a member of the defense team of the Chief Justice. The two exchanged tweets.

Rappler however looked into the publicly accessible Twitpic account associated with the @one1ron Twitter account and found photos of Roy from as far back as 2-and-a-half years ago. And one that appears to have been taken from the defense panel’s desk inside the session hall.

CAR ENTHUSIAST? @One1Ron TwitPic photo of Judd Roy posted in October 2009


SELF PORTRAIT @One1Ron TwitPic photo of Judd Roy posted in December 2009

DEFENSE PANEL. @One1Ron TwitPic photo of Defense team posted two weeks ago.

A quick search on shows the Twitter account @one1ron was created on June 15, 2009.

CREATED WHEN? The @one1ron account was created in June 2009 

“Not mine”

Roy denied that he owned the account.

“Not mine. Similar accounts have appeared for Karen J and Justice Cuevas. Usual black propaganda and demolition job suffered in cases like this,” he said in a text message to Rappler.

When asked about the photos taken from inside the session hall, Roy told Rappler, “pictures are mine, account isn’t. My associates tell me the account was active today even when I left my computer. How can it be me?”

He said he sent an email with those photos and they could have been passed on.

As of press time, the account had 221 followers and 10, 964 tweets.


Despite Roy’s denial several people have come forward and identified Roy as the owner of the @one1ron Twitter account. One of his former students, Nina Araneta who was Roy’s student at the Ateneo College of Law in 2000 tweeted, “Hi Sir, why don’t you just stand by your tweets? I thought you’d be the kind of guy who would stand by his statements.”


Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Laciera meanwhile retweeted a tweet supposedly from Bea Azcuna of the Philippine Judicial Academy replying to a contact’s inquiry, “sino ba talaga si one1ron?”Azcuna replied saying, “That’s my friend Judd Roy.”

Meanwhile when quizzed about her knowledge of Roy’s Twitter account, former Miss International and Roy’s neighbor Aurora Pijuan replied, “Do I have to swear on the Bible? Of course its him. Hey Judd, seriously, what’s going on?”

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