Social media updates roundup: August 20 to 26, 2017

Anne Mari Ronquillo
News publisher branding on Facebook, direct video uploads on Reddit and LinkedIn, and new emojis!

NEWS BRANDING. Facebook announces the new feature on August 22, 2017. Image from Facebook

In this weekly list, we compile the tweaks and changes you should know about what for a lot of us is our most common point-of-interaction with technology: social media. From Facebook to Reddit, these platforms aren’t static; they’re constantly changing. We keep track of the most important and most intriguing changes here. 

This week, Facebook started rolling out publisher logos for stories published by known media outfits while Reddit and LinkedIn made a step towards rich content as they enabled direct video creation and uploads on their platform – all these and more in our list below! 

1) Publisher branding on Facebook

Facebook has started to roll out a change that will hopefully make a huge impact on users that get their news off the platform: News publisher logos will now start to appear in the source in lieu of the source text in indistinguishable gray. As seen in the first photo above, Facebook says that the change should enhance brand visibility and people’s awareness of the content they read, as a survey reported that only 56% of news readers are able to recall the source. 

“To start, we are introducing these logo treatments exclusively for articles in Trending and Search, but the eventual goal is to extend these to all places where people consume news on our platform,” says Andrew Anker, product manager at Facebook. 

Read more about it in their blog post here

2) Reddit now allows direct video uploads

Select subreddits now have native video upload enabled and users can publish content straight from their Reddit mobile apps and desktops. Reddit has started to host user content recently, as they have enabled direct photo uploads earlier this year. Users have been sharing and viewing photos – and now videos – through Reddit without having to leave the site anymore. There is a cap on the video length however: the length can be no more than 15 minutes. 

3) LinkedIn rolls out video to its users

On August 22, LinkedIn rolled out its video upload and sharing feature to its entire user base after testing it last month. Users may now record a clip straight from the LinkedIn mobile app, or upload something from earlier. The aim is to let professionals showcase their work more creatively through video, a medium that is projected to claim 80% of all web traffic by 2019

4) Capture your 360-degree photo straight from the Facebook app even without a 360-degree camera

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Facebook’s latest app update now enables users to capture 360-degree photos straight from their phones. The social media giant has been showcasing 360-degree photos and videos for well over a year, but not everyone has a 360-degree-enabled camera. Now, using a panoramic mode on a normal device, users can now create their own 360-degree images to share directly as a status and as a cover photo.

Video creation is still exclusive to 360-degree enabled devices though.

5) Facebook introduces skin tones to family emojis

NEW EMOJIS. Image from The social network also rolled out a new set of family emojis, that expands the skin color from the original yellow. Emojis, like the social media platforms themselves, are a constant work-in-progress, an ever-evolving effort to reflect real life.

The family emojis represent not just a wide range of colors from light to dark but also family composition. There are male-male, male-female, female-female, single-male, and single-female family emojis with a varying number of kids as well. The new family emojis have started to roll out, but like most Facebook features, the feature’s availability may differ among users. –