Trillanes claims Duterte bought P80-M insurance for 4 kids in cash in 2014

Camille Elemia
Trillanes claims Duterte bought P80-M insurance for 4 kids in cash in 2014
'Ano ba pinagkakakitaan mo, Mr Duterte? Mayor ka lang naman ng Davao City ng panahon na 'yan. Wala ka naman negosyo,' says Senator Antonio Trillanes IV

MANILA, Philippines – Opposition Senator Antonio Trillanes IV claimed President Rodrigo Duterte has more than P40 million in his bank accounts, following the President’s statement that he can be shot if he has more than that amount.

The senator said Duterte shelled out P80 million in cash in just one day, when he bought his 4 children – Sara, Paolo, Sebastian, and Veronica – investment-earning insurance worth P20 million each on April 1, 2014. He then presented copies of the President’s supposed bank documents highlighting the purchase.

“So dito makikita natin na isang araw lang, on April 1, 2014, bumili si Mr Duterte ng insurance nagkakahalagang P20 million kada isa at binilhan niya ‘yung kanyang 4 na anak. Ang total niyan ay P80 million. Ito ay investment, ‘di ito ordinaryong insurance pero actual cash na P20 million each ang nilabas niya,” Trillanes said in a privilege speech revealing Duterte’s alleged source of fake bank accounts on Tuesday, October 3.

(So here we can see that in just one day, on April 1, 2014, Mr Duterte bought insurance worth P20 million for each of his 4 children. The total is P80 million. This is an investment, not just ordinary insurance. He paid P20 million each in cash.)

Trillanes, citing bank records he obtained, said Duterte had 13 deposits worth P50 million and above. He also said that the President had 21 deposits worth between P40 million and P50 million.

He claimed that Duterte’s highest transaction in a single day reached P193 million, which occurred on October 7, 2013.

“Ngayon, dito natin makikita sinabi ni Mr Duterte … na pagka daw may nakitang P40 million sa kanyang accounts ay puwede raw siya barilin at patayin. Sinabi niya ito sa mga sundalo,” Trillanes said.

(Now, Mr Duterte said he can be shot dead if there is P40 million in his accounts. He said that in front of soldiers.)

“So ito ngayon sagot. Kung makikita ‘to ng mga sundalo, M16 machine gun ang gagamitin sa ‘yo. Marami-rami ito, mauubos magazine kung P40 million hinahanap mo, Mr Duterte,” he added.

(So here’s the answer now. If the soldiers could see this, they will use an M16 machine gun on you. These are many. The magazines will be emptied if you’re looking for P40 million, Mr Duterte.)

Source of income

Trillanes said Duterte’s close friend, Sammy Uy, had been depositing to the accounts of Duterte’s 4 children and his common-law wife Honeylet Avanceña every 6 months from 2011 to 2013. The deposits, he said, amounted to P118 million.

This is the same Uy who, in October 2016, was present in the meeting of Duterte and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, instead of then foreign secretary Perfecto Yasay Jr. (READ: Someone named Sammy Uy came to the Duterte-Abe summit)

According to the Philippine Center for Investigative JournalismUy is a businessman with interests in companies that had contracts with government offices in Davao City.

Trillanes also reiterated his accusation that Duterte has more than P2 billion in secret bank accounts from September 18, 2006 to December 1, 2015.

“Ang tanong, ano ba pinagkakakitaan mo, Mr Duterte? Mayor ka lang naman ng Davao City ng panahon na ‘yan. Wala ka naman negosyo. Saan galing ‘yung daan-daang milyong piso, at total na from September 2006 to December 2015 na total of credits and deposits ay tumataginting na mahigit P2 billion?” the senator said.

(The question is, what is your source of income, Mr Duterte? You were just a mayor in Davao City then. You had no businesses. Where did you get millions of pesos, and transactions which totaled P2 billion from September 2006 to December 2015?)

Trillanes added that instead of questioning the evidence, Duterte should clear his name once and for all by signing a bank secrecy waiver.

“Kinukuwestiyon mo fabricated evidence, kinukuwestiyon mo illegally obtained. Kung anu-ano alegasyon mo. Para malaman kung totoo o hindi, at malinis mo pangalan mo do’n sa naniniwala pa sa ‘yo, lalo mga sundalo at mga PMA-ers, sundalo na isinusubo mo sa giyera diyan sa Marawi, ipakita mo na hindi ka kurakot, pirmahan mo waiver,” the senator said, referring to Duterte’s claim that the Ombudsman made up evidence against him in its probe.

(You’re questioning the evidence and claiming it is fabricated, that it is illegally obtained. You’ve made various allegations yourself. So we can finally know whether or not you have amassed ill-gotten wealth, and for you to clear your name to those who still believe in you, especially the soldiers and the PMA-ers who are there fighting in Marawi, show them you are not corrupt and sign a waiver.)

During the campaign, Duterte said he came from a poor family. But the President recently changed his tune, saying his family was rich and that he already had millions of pesos when he was still in school.

Before ending his speech, Trillanes submitted the bank documents in his possession to the Senate secretary “for filing and for record purposes.” It is still unclear if these documents are now covered by Duterte’s executive order on freedom of information (FOI)–

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