Cebu Pacific plane veers off runway during landing in Iloilo
Cebu Pacific plane veers off runway during landing in Iloilo
(4th UPDATE) Cebu Pacific has released a list of flights that have been cancelled because the runway at Iloilo International Airport remains temporarily closed

MANILA, Philippines (4th UPDATE) – A Cebu Pacific plane carrying 180 passengers veered off the runway while landing in Iloilo on Friday evening, October 13.

Cebu Pacific released an advisory at 1:30 am Saturday, October 14, saying Flight 5J 461 (Manila-Iloilo) “veered to the side of runway after landing at the Iloilo International Airport. The Captain then initiated an evacuation.”

The statement added all passengers were accounted for and safe. 

Cebu Pacific said it was “working with the authorities to investigate the incident and expedite the re-opening of the airport runway.” 

Social media posts earlier showed passengers getting off the plane using the airplane’s slide. 

By 5:30 am Saturday, Cebu Pacific noted that the runway at Iloilo International Airport remains temporarily closed. As a consequence, the following flights were cancelled:

October 13

  • 5J 467 Manila-Iloilo 

October 14

  • 5J 468 Iloilo-Manila
  • 5J 449/450 Manila-Iloilo-Manila
  • 5J 451/452 Manila-Iloilo-Manila
  • 5J 453/454 Manila-Iloilo-Manila
  • 5J 721/720 Iloilo-Davao-Iloilo
  • 5J 255/256 Iloilo-Singapore-Iloilo
  • DG 6408/6409 Cebu-Iloilo-Cebu
  • 5J 447/448 Manila-Iloilo-Manila
  • 5J 467 Manila-Iloilo
  • 5J 457/458 Manila-Iloilo-Manila
  • 5J247/248 Iloilo-General Santos-Iloilo
  • 5J165 Iloilo-Cebu

October 15

  • 5J451/452 Manila-Iloilo-Manila
  • 5J453/454 Manila-Iloilo-Manila
  • 5J457/458 Manila-Iloilo-Manila
  • 5J468 Iloilo-Manila
  • 5J348/347 Davao-Iloilo-Davao
  • DG6408/6409 Cebu-Iloilo-Cebu

To accommodate passengers on cancelled flights, Cebu Pacific has also mobilized additional flights from Manila and Davao to to Roxas City. Land transfer between Roxas and Iloilo will also be made available.

The additional flights are:

DG 6360 Roxas-Manila 10:00 AM 11:15 AM


Manila-Roxas 10:20 AM 11:30 AM
5J358 Roxas-Manila 12:00 NN 1:10 PM
5J720 Davao-Roxas 5:00 PM 6:30 PM
5J721 Roxas-Davao 6:40 PM 7:50 PM
5J359 Manila-Roxas 5:00 PM 6:10 PM
5J360 Roxas-Manila 6:40 PM 7:50 PM

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