Most Filipinos hopeful for 2013

According to the latest Social Weather Stations survey, 93% of Filipinos are hopeful for 2013

Photo by Karlos Manlupig

MANILA, Philippines – The year 2013 brings hope for most Filipinos, according to the Social Weather Stations survey released Friday, December 28.

The yearend survey, conducted between December 8-11, showed that 92% of adult Filipinos are feeling hopeful, rather than fearful, for the year ahead. This is just a slight drop from last year, wherein a record high 95% said they entered 2012 with hope.

Of those surveyed, 100% of middle and upper class Filipinos were hopeful for 2013, an increase from the already high 97% in 2011.

This is higher than the 93% and 89%, respectively – the number of poor  and very poor Filipinos who said they were hopeful.

Filipinos are usually hopeful for the coming year as revealed by past surveys. Since the question was first asked in 2000, the year 2004 saw the lowest number, with only 81% feeling hopeful for 2005. It steadily rose over the next few years, reaching its highest levels in the past two years.

Less hope in Mindanao

But Filipinos in Mindanao are noticeably less hopeful compared to the rest of the nation, with only 85% of adults there expressing hope for 2013. The number dropped 9 percentage points from 2011 and is the lowest recorded since 2006.

HOPE OVER FEAR. 92% of Filipinos enter 2013 with hope, while 7% say they are fearful of the coming year. Screengrab from SWS survey.

Outside Metro Manila, where 93% expressed hope for 2013, 96% of Filipinos in Luzon said they were hopeful, while 93% of Filipinos in the Visayas expressed the same.

The Visayas has also seen a steady decline in hopeful ratings over the past few years, starting with a high 97% in 2010, and 96% in 2011.

The country has had a phenomenal year as it became one of the world’s fastest growing economy in 2012. –