Lapid to Corona: Testify in Senate

Sen Lito Lapid calls on Chief Justice Renato Corona to testify and shed light on his alleged bank accounts


MANILA, Philippines – Finally, the silent senator speaks. 

Senator-judge Manuel “Lito” Lapid calls on Chief Justice Renato Corona to testify before the Senate as his lawyers are about to present their own witnesses and evidence. 

Lapid believes Corona will be the best person to explain his bank accounts, and alleged failure to accurately declare his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth. 

The action star-turned-lawmaker also gives his take on the prosecution’s decision to rest its case, and on a Supreme Court resolution barring its justices and employees from testifying before the Senate.

Lapid says the defense should respond to the allegations against Corona, “Kung ako nga, ibabato ko pa sa kanila ang bank book ko eh, ‘O ayan, meron o wala?!'” (If it were me, I would throw my bank book at them and say, ‘There, is the money there or not?’) –

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