#CoronaTrial Day 26 with video highlights

Highlights of Day 26 of the impeachment trial of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

2:16pm: #CoronaTrial Day 26 begins. Prayer led by Sen. Pia S. Cayetano. 

2:17pm: Roll is called, 20 Senator Judges present.

2:19pm: Minority Floor Leader Sen. Alan Cayetano is recognized. Says he did research in relation to immunity of SC Justices. Wants Senate to further discuss the Supreme Court resolution barring employees from testifying and releasing of documents. Says he prepared a legal study based on cases he researched.

2:25pm: Sen. Pia Cayetano tells prosecution that there’s no testimony given to prove that SC office hours were extended. “We spent minutes trying not to fall asleep to watch video but no testimony on the time.”   

2:33pm: Presiding officer Juan Ponce-Enrile addresses both the defense and the prosecution. Asks them not to make sweeping statements outside the court claiming victory, says a winner has yet to be decided. Enrile also asked that when the outcome of the trial has been decided, that the losing party not accuse the senator-judges of being bribed to vote a certain way.

2:36pm: ABS-CBN cameraman Danny Piedad is cross examined by lead defense counsel Justice Serafin Cuevas. Piedad said he was already feeding stories back to ABS-CBN from his coverage earlier in the day when his reporter Zen Hernandez informed him that they might need to proceed to another coverage at NAIA. Piedad said he did not know GMA was leaving and where she was going.

2:44pm: Cross-examination ends, no redirect.

2:45pm: Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago takes the floor. She says the prosecution dropping more than half the Articles of Impeachment is unprecedented. “You are prejudging the case. What are you doing, conducting trial by publicity?” She accuses the prosecution of misleading the court. “Ang yayabng ng nagsasalita ng ganyan, gago naman.”

3:06pm: Senator Santiago shifts her anger from the prosecution to a recent University of the Philippines survey. “Please do not try these little dirty tricks on us. We are old people here.” She added, “People who machinate the press releases on the UP survey should be kicked out! Shame on the university.” 

3:09pm: Senator Santiago ends her rant asking the Senate Secretary to put on record that she said the word, “Wah!”


3:10pm: Lead Prosecutor Niel Tupas manifests that while they are terminating the presentation of evidence, they have not yet received formal reply/communication from Supreme Court Justice Sereno and would like to reserve their right to present her as a witness if she agrees.

3:14pm: Senator Enrile: You can’t close presentation of evidence if you still want to present a witness. Says the proper thing to ask is for a continuance.  

3:19pm: Tupas backs down. On Sereno, “no more.” Asks for 2 days to file formal offer of evidence. 

3:27pm: Enrile gives Defense 5 days to defense to reply to  offer of evidence.  “We will work to make a quick ruling on offer of evidence so be ready. Both sides must be ready everyday for trial.”

3:33pm: Sen. Sotto: Resumption of trial is March 12.

3:34pm: Sen Santiago takes the floor again. She berates prosecution again, asking them why they need time to file offer for evidence. “What’s the big deal? It’s clerical.”

3:52pm: Rep Rudy Fariñas asks Senate to strike out the term “gago” used by Senator Miriam from the record. Senator Enrile agrees. 

4:05pm: Senator Jinggoy Estrada castigates private prosecutor Aguirre caught covering ears while Senator Santiago was speaking. Aguirre responds saying, Sen. Santiago’s voice was painful to listen to. Sen. Santiago takes the podium and says, “you cannot make contemptuous gestures and get away with it.” Santiago asks the court to cite Aguirre for contempt.

4:10pm: Session is suspended.

4:28pm: Session resumes. Senator Pia Cayetano seconds Sen. Santiago’s motion to hold Aguirre in contempt.  

4:35pm: Rep. Fariñas speaks on behalf of prosecution, apologizes for Aguirre. Sen. Enrile says Impeachment Court accepts apology but will enforce respect.

4:37pm: Aguire cited in contempt. Penalty to be taken up by Senate in caucus next Tuesday.

4:41pm: Session is adjourned. Trial will resume on March 12. 


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