Netizens hit Sotto’s past blunders as he takes over Senate

Rappler Social Media Team
After Vicente Sotto III's election as Senate president, some Filipinos remind the public about the controversies he got involved in before. But others say Sotto, as the most senior member of the Senate, deserves the post.

MANILA, Philippines – Senators on Monday, May 21, elected Vicente Sotto III as the new Senate president, and some Filipinos took to social media to air their dismay and outrage.

The Senate veteran has been a frequent subject of online scrutiny. In an interview with Rappler, he even called himself “social media’s favorite whipping boy.”

Netizens lived up to this expectation on Monday as they hit the Senate’s leadership change, saying that it has practically killed the Senate’s moral compass.



Netizens also mocked the decision, creating memes and reminders of the senator’s past scandals, including accusations of plagiarism, misogyny, and his supposed cover-up of the Pepsi Paloma rape case. (READ: Tito Sotto and the blurry lines of showbiz, politics)



Some, however, remain hopeful. Others reminded people that Sotto is one of the longest-serving senators, making him knowledgeable about the chamber’s inner workings and procedures.




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