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Ana Basa: Corona Pointed a Gun at Caretaker

Ana Basa, one of the heirs of Basa-Guidote Enterprise, Inc., BGEI, the company which allegedly loaned P11 million to Chief Justice Renato Corona, speaks for the first time and tells a harrowing tale of a family feud where Corona allegedly used his power to oppress family members and gain control of the corporation.  Repeatedly breaking down in tears, she talked of intense harassment – people sent to their house with guns, phone calls in the middle of the night and physical threats, including an instance when Corona himself allegedly pointed a gun to their caretaker’s head.  Basa said, “when Corona put a gun to his head, Corona said: ‘Gusto mo bang pasabugin kong mukha mo?’ (Do you want me to blow up your face?) That’s what the Chief Justice said to him back in 1997.”  The caretaker put the incident on record in a sworn affidavit.

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