Makati gas station owners summoned after Phoenix gas leak
Acting City Administrator Michael Camiña says owners need to be reminded of safety guidelines for gasoline stations to prevent future leaks

INSPECTION. Firefighters warn of an explosion if diesel fumes accumulate too much aboveground. Photo from Makati police

MANILA, Philippines – Owners of all gasoline stations in Makati have been summoned by the city government following a diesel leak at a Phoenix Petroleum gasoline station in Barangay Bangkal on Wednesday, October 31.

Makati City Mayor Abigail Binay said the owners will be reminded to examine their stations and immediately notify the city government if they see any problem. 

Acting City Administrator Michael Camiña said the meeting will take place on Monday afternoon, November 5. According to Camiña, they will also remind the owners of safety guidelines for gasoline stations to prevent future leaks.

WATER PUMP. Diesel fumes are flushed in by the Bureau of Fire Protection. Photo from Makati police

The city government of Makati has been controlling the situation with the help of the Bureau of Fire Protection, whose firefighters have been pumping water underground to prevent diesel fumes from rising and accumulating.

If the fumes get too concentrated, an explosion might occur, Makati fire chief Superintendent Roy Quisto said.

The gasoline station said it has extracted all contents of its tanks in the Barangay Bangkal branch.

Authorities reported, however, that there is still stench of diesel in the area. They temporarily locked down the area surrounding the Phoenix gas station and closed off Evangelista Street. –