Grade 9 students nabbed in Makati home for alleged drug use
Grade 9 students nabbed in Makati home for alleged drug use
A noise complaint leads cops and barangay watchmen to a house which they enter after supposedly 'smelling shabu' right outside the residence

MANILA, Philippines – Police on Monday, February 4, nabbed 11 students who allegedly used illegal drugs in a private home in Makati City.

Chief Inspector Gideon Ines Jr, Makati assistant chief of police for operations, said the students, all Grade 9, are 14 to 17 years old.

Ines said residents complained about loud noises coming from a house in Barangay Southside in Makati City on Monday. When cops and barangay watchmen went to the house, they supposedly smelled illegal drugs coming from within the private residence, prompting them to enter it to confirm their suspicion.

“Naamoy nila ang shabu sa tapat pa lang ng bahay. Noong pinasok nila, nakita nila ang shabu at mga paraphernalia (They smelled shabu right outside the house. When they went in, they found shabu and paraphernalia),” Ines said, adding that most of the students were still in their school uniform.

A search of the premises yielded a plastic sachet containing shabu, a marijuana tooter, 5 plastic sachets with shabu traces, 18 pieces of aluminum strips, and 5 lighters.

Ines said the house was owned by a suspected drug personality on their watch list, and that the latter’s son was among the students. The boy’s parents were not at home at the time.

The minors were turned over to the Makati Social Welfare and Development Office.

ABS-CBN News reported that the students denied they used drugs and said they were just hanging out at the house. –