New Video Answers Kony2012 Critics

Can social media do more than foreign policy?  Invisible Children, a nonprofit group, produced video about a notorious African warlord Joseph Kony.  Last week, it went viral and by early Tuesday, it had been viewed more than 100 million times on YouTube in 6 days.  Critics say it’s overly simplistic and inaccurate and question the way the nonprofit uses its funding, but supporters say you can’t argue with the numbers and the speed at which this video spread.  Still others compare the reactions to the way PhDs and researchers reacted to the idea of a crowd-sourced encylopedia now known as Wikipedia.

Read more about the debate it triggered at the Guardian and why a message criticized as “shallow” may wield more power and influence than policy debates.  At least one group now calls it “the most viral video in history.”  Read more on Time. The group that produced the video releases another one, a response to its critics, Monday.  

Read more on CNN.

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