Rappler Talk: Earthquakes and hazards in the Philippines

Rappler Talk: Earthquakes and hazards in the Philippines
Rappler talks to National Institute of Geological Sciences' Mario Aurelio about how vulnerable the country is to earthquakes

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MANILA, Philippines – The country this year already experienced a couple of strong, deadly earthquakes: the magnitude 6.1 Luzon earthquake, and the twin earthquakes that shook Batanes

The Luzon earthquake, in particular, is of interest to geologists because it was generated by a previously unknown fault, with a magnitude that should not have produced such a degree of damage. At least 18 people died, 256 were injured, and about 739 structures or buildings sustained damage following the earthquake

What’s so deadly about earthquakes, and how vulnerable is the country to them? Rappler speaks with Dr Mario Aurelio, a geologist, professor, and director of the National Institute of Geological Sciences at the University of the Philippines Diliman to discuss earthquakes and hazards in the Philippines. – Rappler.com

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