WATCH: A beauty stylist’s devotion to the Black Nazarene
Salon chain owner Warren Encarnacion has his own unique style as a Nazareno devotee

DEVOTEE. Beauty stylist Warren Encarnacion is a devotee of the Black Nazarene. Screenshot from Rappler video

MANILA, Philippines – Warren Encarnacion inherited his flair for style and beauty from his uncle, the late Jun Encarnacion, a celebrity stylist.

Another thing Warren inherited from Jun is devotion to the Black Nazarene, which he witnessed as a growing child.

Now, Warren owns his own chain of beauty salons, as well as several icons of the suffering Jesus Christ, besides a replica of the Black Nazarene itself.

He joins the Traslacion every year by contributing his icons to the procession, and involving his salon staff in the preparations and festivities. He said it’s a way to express gratitude to God for life’s blessings. –