WATCH: Taal evacuees rummage for clothes that fit
WATCH: Taal evacuees rummage for clothes that fit
Finding the right clothes in distribution centers becomes some sort of a treasure hunt for evacuees who only brought their essentials when they fled their communities

BATANGAS, Philippines – A handful of viral posts on social media have shown how Filipinos still manage to find humor even in times of disaster, in this case, the eruption of Taal Volcano.

The posts showed photos of evacuees hamming it up, dressed in donated clothes not fit for the occasion: tuxedos, police uniforms, medical coats, neon overalls, and even a wedding dress with a train.

But the story behind those posts is the opposite of funny. Evacuees patiently search tboxes and piles of clothes to find ones that they and their family members could wear. Many of them left their homes in haste and only brought with them their essentials.

This meant only packing a clutch of clothes that could only last them a few days. In evacuation centers, doing laundry is not practical as water is mainly reserved for baths to prevent the spread of illnesses.

Watch this video in one of the distribution areas of Bauan Technical High School, one of the most packed evacuation sites, filed by Rappler’s Rambo Talabong. –

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