WATCH: ‘No work, no pay’ workers grind despite traffic, coronavirus threat
There is no 'work from home' privilege for many workers, so they brave the traffic and the threat of the spreading coronavirus

PACKED. Motorists queue at the quarantine checkpoint at Batasan-San Mateo Road as police checks on IDs of pedestrians crossing the Metro Manila and Rizal border on March 16, 2020. Photo by Lisa Marie David/Rappler

MANILA, Philippines – With or without the threat of contagion, Flipinos who must work to earn traveled to Metro Manila on Monday, March 16.

Along the Batasan-San Mateo Road where Quezon City and San Mateo Rizal meet, thousands of workers passed through both lanes. The traffic was at a standstill as the government slowly imposed steep travel restrictions amid a lockdown aimed at quelling the spread of the coronavirus.

Many of them said they were afraid but that they must work.

The Department of Labor and Employment has advised company owners to allow their workers to work from home, and to give them flexible work hours. But what if you’re a house painter or a delivery man – jobs that require physical appearance, and thus the risk of infection?

Rappler’s Rambo Talabong files this report. –