#Halalan2022: Vote smarter next time, frustrated netizens tell Pinoys

#Halalan2022: Vote smarter next time, frustrated netizens tell Pinoys
The hashtag trends as lawmakers approve a bill granting President Duterte special powers

MANILA, Philippines – The next elections are two years away yet, but #Halalan2022 already trended on Twitter in the wee hours of Tuesday, March 24, as Filipinos channeled online their frustrations with government’s response to the coronavirus.

“Incompetence” and “abuse of authority” are what Filipinos get for voting for the wrong people, the tweets said.

The hashtag started to trend in the early hours of Tuesday, at about the same time that senators and members of the House of Representatives deliberated on – and later approved – a bill granting President Rodrigo Duterte special powers to address the coronavirus pandemic. 

Hours before this, on Monday afternoon, March 23, Filipinos fumed after seeing House members roll out manila papers that said, “Together with doctors and frontliners, we went to work for you, so please stay at home for us.” 

At around 8:50 am on Tuesday, #Halalan2022 was at number 5 top trending with at least 13,500 tweets.

Luzon has been on a lockdown for over a week now, and many Filipinos have been calling out the policy as “anti-poor,” expressing dissatisfaction with how poorly it’s been executed. (READ: ‘Pasaway commuters’ amid the lockdown? These people don’t have a choice)

The bill now awaits the President’s signature. Once signed, it will grant 27 powers to Duterte, including the authority to declare savings and use it to address the pandemic. 



Netizens who slammed what they called government’s inaction posted “receipts” to reminder Filipinos to vote smarter in 2022. (READ: Netizens slam Duterte’s bid for ‘emergency powers’ in coronavirus update)

Some users online used the hashtag to tweet about the officials they plan to elect in 2022.

Others used the hashtag to caution people against voting for certain officials.

The rest simply urged their peers to register.

Read their tweets here:


Have some thoughts you’d like to share this early about how you will be voting in 2022? Share them with us! – with a report from Ming Lagman/Rappler.com 

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