Mindanao State University shortens semester, mass-promotes eligible students

Samantha Bagayas
Mindanao State University shortens semester, mass-promotes eligible students
MSU President Dr Habib Macaayong says they shortened the second semester of academic year 2019-2020 because they gave 'consideration to the preservation of life, safety, and well-being' of the MSU community

MANILA, Philippines – Mindanao State University System (MSUS) announced on Monday, April 20, that the second semester of academic year 2019-2020 will be terminated effective immediately. 

In a memorandum addressed to campus chancellors and constituents, MSU President Dr Habib Macaayong said they shortened the semester because they gave “consideration of the preservation of life, safety and well-being” of the MSUS community.

According to MSU Marawi’s information office, the decision was approved unanimously by the Executive Committee and garnered majority consensus in the Board of Regents.


Aside from the immediate end of the semester, the MSUS said that non-graduating students who have no failing grades or INC grades in the past semesters will be automatically promoted to the next year level. 

Students who have complied with their school requirements for the first 3 months of the semester will also get a grade of P. No failing grade will be given, except for students who have not been attending classes.

These students will instead receive a “DRP (Dropped)” grade.

Meanwhile, those who failed to submit school requirements during the said months will be given grades of INC.

The memo added that grades obtained during the semester won’t be included in the computation of a student’s GPA or used as basis for giving of academic honors because of the “extraordinary nature of the second semester.”

No Dean’s Lister will also be declared for the second semester.

Meanwhile, graduating students will only be allowed to graduate if they meet the following conditions:

  1. They have passed all courses required in their program
  2. They are cleared of all liabilities in the campus
  3. They have filed their application for graduation not later than June 1, 2020

While students who meet the conditions will graduate, they will not be able to attend pre-commencement and commencement exercises this year as these have been canceled due to threats posed by the coronavirus. (READ: No graduation rites in the country during coronavirus pandemic – Briones)

Aside from the cancellation of the commencement exercises, summer classes will not be conducted from June to July. These will instead be offered in the first semester of academic year 2020-2021, with prerequisites serving as co-requisites instead.

The MSUS assured those with scholarships and grants will be maintained for the first semester of the next academic year, so long as the student has not dropped any subject they were enrolled in during the second semester or they have not yet reached the maximum number of semesters allowed in the agreement.

Students who are taking on-the-job subjects will also no longer be required to complete the remaining number of hours that they have to comply. They will automatically be given a passing grade.

MSUS’ College of Law, College of Medicine and College of Health Sciences will be operating under a different set of guidelines based on their standing policies.

MSUS is among the few schools that have decided to shorten their semester and mass promote their students in light of the coronavirus outbreak. – Rappler.com

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