‘Sir K’ trends as netizens congratulate Bar 2019 6th placer

Alois Isinika
‘Sir K’ trends as netizens congratulate Bar 2019 6th placer
Twitter users, including thousands who dream of being accountants and lawyers themselves, congratulate Kenneth Manuel

MANILA, Philippines – “Is this real?”

This was the first tweet of Certified Public Accountant and now lawyer Kenneth Manuel after ranking No. 6 in the 2019 Bar Examinations with a score of 88.1730%.

Manuel’s landing among the elite out of the  2,103 Bar passers sparked a flurry of greetings on social media which went viral. His handle, Sir K, trended on Twitter immediately after the results of the Bar were announced.

Manuel was a former instructor at the Colegio de San Juan de Letran. He is at present a CPA reviewer at the Review School of Accountancy, and a full-time legal assistant at DivinaLaw.

Netizens, among them his former students, as well as aspiring accountants and lawyers, congratulated him on Twitter. Most said he was an inspiration to them. These thousands of dreamers who followed him on social media made ‘Sir K’ among the top trending topics for the day.

The Colegio de San Juan de Letran, the University of Santo Tomas, and Villasis Law Center also joined in congratulating Manuel on Twitter. 

Manuel is also attributed to maintain the Twitter account Your Lawyer Says (@YourLawyerSays). As of this posting, the account has over 60,000 followers.

That Twitter account is among the social media platforms of the online legal community Your Lawyer Says. One of the goals of the niche community is “to play with legal concepts and make it more remarkable for the social media audience.”

Bar exam anxieties

In a series of viral tweets, Manuel shared how anxious he was the day before the announcement of the results. He said he intentionally slept at 4 am because he did not want to be up all night waiting. He wanted to wake up late in the morning and by that time the Bar results would have been released.

Manuel, who has over 37,000 Twitter followers, also posted a photo of his schedule during his Bar review days, thanking his friends and followers for believing in him even if he doubted that he would top the Bar.

‘I survived another day’

In a viral Facebook post published in June 2019, Manuel recounted his journey as a student who had to juggle his academics and work.

“As the professor erases the “absent” mark on my class card and replace it with “late”, my next prayer is that I won’t be called for recitation. I have not read a single case, and I am simultaneously chasing the case syllabus as they get recited one-by-one,” Manuel said in his Facebook post.

“Finally, the professor calls the class off, and as I drag my feet along the imposing corridors of law school, I am just glad that this day is over… I survived another day, and that went on for four years,” he added.

Manuel also recalled his struggles during the days of Bar examinations.

“2 hours of essay writing. 300+ essays. 800 points. Four Sundays of November. All four years of law school went down to this. After the last Sunday of the Bar, I sighed. This is all done. This is now out of my control.”

As of writing, the post now has over 28,000 shares and 1,600 comments.

The passing rate for the 2019 Bar Exam is 27.36%. The passing grade was lowered to 74% by the Supreme Court en banc. (READ: Supreme Court lowered Bar passing grade for more techy lawyers in ‘new normal’) – Rappler.com

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