Overseas Filipinos with COVID-19 now 2,178, with 253 deaths

JC Gotinga
Overseas Filipinos with COVID-19 now 2,178, with 253 deaths
Some 640 Filipinos abroad have recovered from the coronavirus

MANILA, Philippines – Another 38 Filipinos abroad have contracted the novel coronavirus, bringing the total confirmed cases of COVID-19 among overseas Filipinos to 2,178, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) said on Saturday, May 9.

Nine new fatalities raised the death toll to 253.

Meanwhile, 66 more patients have recovered from the disease or have been discharged from the hospital, bringing total recoveries among overseas Filipinos to 640.

Some 1,285 Filipino patients are currently undergoing treatment for COVID-19 in different countries.

Confirmed cases of Filipinos with the coronavirus are spread out among 46 countries across 4 regions. They are:

Asia Pacific: 12 countries

  • Total: 388
  • Undergoing treatment: 147
  • Recovered or discharged from hospital: 239
  • Deaths: 2

Middle East & Africa: 12 countries

  • Total: 616
  • Undergoing treatment: 531
  • Recovered or discharged from hospital: 48
  • Deaths: 37

Europe: 16 countries

  • Total: 651
  • Undergoing treatment: 414
  • Recovered or discharged from hospital: 159
  • Deaths: 78

Americas: 6 countries

  • Total: 523
  • Undergoing treatment: 193
  • Recovered or discharged from hospital: 194
  • Deaths: 136

Of the total 2,178 confirmed cases, 473 have been confirmed by the Philippine Department of Health (DOH), which tracks cases based on International Health Regulations.

The highest numbers of confirmed coronavirus cases among overseas Filipinos were in Europe and the Middle East. The highest number of recoveries were reported in Asia and the Pacific. The highest number of deaths were in the Americas.

In the Philippines, the DOH has recorded 10,610 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 704 deaths and 1,842 recoveries as of Saturday, May 9. –

JC Gotinga

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