Baguio to implement one-way scheme for Session Road pedestrians

Frank Cimatu
Baguio to implement one-way scheme for Session Road pedestrians
The Baguio City Police Office says this scheme would help prevent the transmission of the coronavirus

BAGUIO, Philippines – There will no longer be any counterflow along Session Road in Baguio City, not only of motorists but also of pedestrians. 

Starting Monday, May 18, pedestrians will walk parallel with cars. Those walking up will walk on the right pavement, where the former Pines and Session theaters are, while those going down will have to walk with the vehicles heading downward, where Porta Vaga and the Philippine National Bank are located. 

The Baguio City Police Office said this scheme would help prevent the transmission of the coronavirus as everyone would be walking in the same direction.

Those wanting to change direction can cross on any of the 5 zebra lanes or crosswalks across Session Road.

Also included in the one-direction pedestrian lanes are Calderon Street – those going to Harrison Road will need to turn with the pedestrian lane while those proceeding up will have to cross – and Assumption Road – those going toward the direction of the University of Baguio will turn around Bohemian Cafe.

The police have already stenciled large arrow signs for people to follow. 

Some Baguio residents, however, are aghast at the new move. 

“Before this, if you want to wait for someone, you just stand on the corner and you will meet. But now, no more,” said Angel Cancio. 

“It will be a long walk,” said Connie Ducat, whose ukay-ukay business is on hold. 

The city has also regulated the operation of taxis in the city, with drivers setting up transparent barriers. The interior of the taxi must be disinfected every two hours.

“No mask, no ride,” is also the rule for riding. All passengers must give their name and address for proper contact tracing.

Electronic payment will be implemented if the crisis continues. –

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