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REPLAY: Day 32 (click here for other clips)
Missed day 32 of the #CoronaTrial? We have it all for you right here.

MANILA, Philippines – In Day 32 of the #CoronaTrial, the impeachment court debated on what the term ‘accept’ constitutes in determining the ownership of a condominium unit. The defense presented the following as witnesses:

1) Carmina Cruz – Customer relations officer of The Columns
2) Atty. Perlita Ele – Clerk of court at the Quezon City Regional Trial Court
3) Atty. Eulalio Diaz III – Land Registration Authority administrator

Prosecution objects to presenting Diaz, says his testimony would be irrelevant, but Presiding officer Juan Ponce Enrile allows the testimony.

Watch the replay below. –

#CoronaTrial Day 32, Part 1


#CoronaTrial Day 32, Part 2


#CoronaTrial Day 32, Part 3


#CoronaTrial Day 32, Part 4


#CoronaTrial Day 32, Part 5


#CoronaTrial Day 32, Part 6


#CoronaTrial Day 32, Part 7


#CoronaTrial Day 32, Part 8


#CoronaTrial Day 32, Part 9


#CoronaTrial Day 32, Part 10



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