US & China to talk about hacking

The United States and China agree to hold high-level talks on rules of behavior for cybersecurity and commercial espionage. The diplomatic move addresses what the United States alleges as computer break-ins and corporate and government secret theft on a daily basis. The talks will begin in July. American officials say they do not expect an immediate respite from the daily intrusions. Security officials call it the “greatest transfer of wealth in history.” Hackers have reportedly stolen secrets ranging from negotiating strategies, schematics for fighter jets and gas control systems. Beijing insists it is the victim of cyberattacks, not the perpetrator. The Pentagon claims it has compiled extensive evidence of a unit of the People’s Liberation Army, Unit 61398 outside Shanghai, as the group behind the sophisticated attacks. Analysts and economists say that if China is to keep its annual economic growth rate of 7 or 8 percent, it needs a steady inflow of new technology. The Chinese are expected to hit the Americans on their use of cyberweapons. China often cites the US and Israel’s cyberattacks on Iran’s nuclear program as evidence against Washington.

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