Serendra tenant’s remains flown to US

The transfer of Angelito San Juan's remains, wake, and burial expenses will all be covered by Ayala Land Inc

SERENDRA VICTIM. Angelito San Juan dies almost 5 weeks since the Two Serendra blast, from complication sustained from the explosion. Photo from

MANILA, Philippines – Angelito San Juan’s return flight to America was originally set for early June, after a 9-day trip to the Philippines.

Instead, Philippine Airlines Flight 104 on Thursday, July 11, carried his remains back to the United States, where he is based.

San Juan was one of 4 fatalities from the Two Serendra gas explosion on May 31 – the day of his 63rd birthday.

He had rented Unit 501B, the site of the deadly explosion, during what should have been a brief visit to the country for a wedding. He was on his way out when the unit exploded, burning 89 percent of his body. San Juan was intubated for 34 days before dying of a cardiac arrest on July 4.

The 10:30 pm flight to San Francisco comes 3 days after the end of his 4-day Manila wake. His wake ended Monday, July 8, when his remains were originally scheduled to fly out. The flight was delayed pending clearance from Customs.

His wake, the transfer of his remains, and his burial expenses were all covered by Ayala Land Inc (ALI), the developer of Two Serendra. According to Raymond Fortun, the lawyer of San Juan, the wake took place in a funeral home in Pasig City in a room that could hold about 100 people.

SERENDRA WAKE. Angelito San Juan's wake was paid for by Ayala Land Inc, the developer of Two Serendra. Photo by Raymond Fortun

Investigators have determined the cause of the explosion as a gas leak, but the source of the leak has yet to be known. While liability is still undetermined, ALI has refused to accept responsibility pending the results of the investigation but has extended assistance to victims.

The families of two others who died in the blast have accepted an settlement offer made by Ayala. But the family of Abenson driver Jeffrey Umali has so far refused, saying what ALI is offering is not sufficient compared to the loss suffered by their family.

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Fortun told Rappler ALI has not made any settlement with San Juan’s family. Rappler asked ALI if it had plans to settle with San Juan’s loved ones but text messages went unanswered.

San Juan’s wife and two children are in the United States. He was cared for by his brother Ruben while he was in the hospital. –

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