Hooking up good for women as well as men


 BEST OF BOTH WORLDS. In Hanna Rosin’s latest book, “The End of Men”, she argues that young women initiate hook ups to balance their personal goals and have an enjoyable sex life still.
Researchers who studied the rise of hookup culture among young people assumed most women were more interested in romance than in casual sex. But there’s growing realization that young women are initiating hook ups as a way to balance their personal goals and have an enjoyable sex life. In her book “The End of Men,” Hanna Rosin argues hooking up is a functional strategy for ambitious young women who want the best of both worlds. Sociologist Elizabeth A. Armstrong adds women at elite universities choose hookups because relationships are perceived to be too demanding and distracting from their goals. She says more young women see college as a life stage to focus on their own self-development. But Princeton alumna Susan Patton says these ambitious young women are making a mistake. In a letter she wrote in March to The Daily Princetonian, Patton urges young women not to waste the chance to hunt for a husband. She says, “They have gotten such strong, vitriolic messages from the extreme feminists saying, ‘Go it alone — you don’t need a man.'”

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