Justice Abad: #RHlaw allows ‘poison’ in women’s bodies

In his line of questioning Justice Robeto Abad aids the argument of reproductive health law critics that contraceptives are 'hazardous' to health

DAY TWO. Critics continue on July 23 with their arguments on the alleged unconstitutionality of the RH law. File photo by Arcel Cometa

MANILA, Philippines – Critics of the reproductive health (RH) law found an ally in Justice Roberto Abad on Day 2 of oral arguments on the law’s constitutionality. 

The first to grill anti-RH law lawyer Luisito Liban, Abad echoed arguments made on Day 1 of oral arguments on July 9 that some contraceptives are “hazardous” to health. 

To support this position, Abad on Tuesday, July 23, cited various medical studies likening hormonal contraceptives to “poison.”

“It would appear that this government-sponsored contraceptives are not altogether safe,” Abad said.

In the exchange, Liban said that by “espousing” the RH law, the government is “institutionalizing those risks.”

“I Ithink the law does not provide for safety mechanism,” Liban said. He said it is not the burden of the state to be the “primary mover” in distributing potentially unhealthy drugs.

On Day 1, anti-RH law lawyer Maria Concepcion Noche highlighted the dangers of hormonal contraceptives. She said hormonal contraceptives could be abortifacient. 

“Should Congress legislate a measure that will prevent a child through poison?” Abad asked Liban. 

By allowing it in the law, the government has arbitrarily declared hormonal contraceptives safe, Liban said. — Rappler.com