Grenade lobbed near Cotabato Marine post

Ferdinandh Cabrera
The grenade fortunately did not explode; earlier this week, a powerful bomb exploded in Cotabato City killing 8 people

COTABATO CITY, Philippines — Unidentified suspects lobbed a grenade near a street between a marine soldier post and a department store bodega here around 8pm tonight.

Police Senior Superintendent Rolen Balquin said the grenade did not explode after suspects from an area more than 200 meters away threw the device. The type of grenade remains unknown. 

The explosive landed along Dona Blanco Martinez Street beside Superama Department Store where the Marine Battalion Landing Team 1 detachment is located.

“We immediately requested an EOD team to conduct the safety procedure for diffusing the explosive,” Balquin said.

Superama security guard Ricky Custodio said he noticed some men running away from the site the grenade was thrown. “I thought it was just a stone, but I found out it’s a grenade so we immediately asked assistance from the authorities,” Custodio said.

On Monday, August 5, a powerful bombed exploded in Cotabato killing 8 and wounding 30 others. Police are still investigating the attack.

Grenade image from Shutterstock