After the RH law arguments, what’s next?

WILL THEY KILL IT? The fate of the RH law is now in the hands of the 15 Supreme Court justices. Rappler file photo

The fate of the Reproductive Health law is now in the hands of the so-called gods of Padre Faura. The advocates of the controversial measure concluded their oral arguments on Tuesday, August 27, wrapping up the Supreme Court’s deliberations on the controversial measure that mandates government to distribute contraceptives and other reproductive health services to the poor. Both camps, the critics and supporters of the RH law, will now prepare their respective memoranda summarizing their arguments. The Court gave them two months — 60 days — to submit their memoranda. The justices will study these memoranda before scheduling an en banc deliberation and finally rule on the petitions asking the High Court to nullify the law on grounds that it is unconstitutional.

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