Will we ever see an iPad mini?


Rumors of an iPad mini have been circulating for the past 2 years and have proven to be untrue.  No less than the late Apple CEO Steve Jobs said in 2010 it wouldn’t happen because they couldn’t make a great tablet with a 7-inch screen. Besides, it would be a painful headache for software developers. Analysts estimate it would cost at most $US250 to produce such a tablet – and selling at $US299 would make it difficult for Apple to make a real profit. It’s more like $US349, analysts say. But this time around, talk about the iPad mini is being fed by media reports from South Korea, China and Taiwan which say that Apple has ordered Samsung screens about half the current iPad. Also, Jobs failed to say that Apple had previously developed apps that work on the iPhone, with a much smaller 3.5-inch screen.


Read the details in The Huffington Post.

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