From Agaton to Zeny: 2014 typhoon names
Are typhoons Domeng, Waldo, Henry and Venus on their way?

RETIRED NAME. After the scale of destruction caused by Typhoon Yolanda (Haiyan), 'Yolanda' was retired from the list of revolving Philippine typhoon names. Image from PAGASA

MANILA, Philippines – Make way for royal typhoons Henry and Queenie. Where is Typhoon Waldo? These are just some of the names state weather bureau PAGASA has chosen for 2014 typhoons.

Typhoon names have become a normal part of everyday living in the Philippines.

Almost every month, we hear about low pressure areas brewing in some part of the country. It is when state weather bureau PAGASA gives them names that we pay attention because this means they have become storms – storms that threaten to flood our cities, trigger landslides and disrupt our lives. (READ: Yolanda to be retired as typhoon name (and other trivia))

Philippine typhoon names always have a very Pinoy ring to them, recalling names of beloved cartoon characters or even your favorite tito (uncle). The names of typhoons to come this 2014 will be no different. 

According to a list released by PAGASA, these are the prospective typhoon names in 2014:

  • Agaton
  • Basyang
  • Caloy
  • Domeng
  • Ester 
  • Florita
  • Glenda 
  • Henry
  • Inday
  • Jose
  • Katring
  • Luis
  • Mario
  • Neneng
  • Ompong
  • Paeng
  • Queenie
  • Ruby
  • Seniang
  • Tomas
  • Usman
  • Venus
  • Waldo
  • Yayang
  • Zeny

The first storm of the year will be named Agaton and so on down the list. The Philippines is hit by an average of 20 storms a year. If the number of typhoons this year goes over 25, PAGASA will use these auxiliary names:

  • Agila
  • Bagwis
  • Chito
  • Diego
  • Elena
  • Felino
  • Gunding
  • Harriet
  • Indang 
  • Jessa

– Pia Ranada/