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End trial on or before June 7 – Santiago

Sen Miriam Defensor-Santiago says impeachment court can put an end to the Corona trial as early as June 7

MANILA, Philippines – The impeachment court may order both parties in the Corona impeachment trial to end it on or before June 7, Sen Miriam Defensor-Santiago said Monday, May 7.

Speaking at the resumption of the Coronal trial, Santiago cited rules that empower the court to stop the presentation of evidence “when the evidence is already so full that some witnesses to the same point cannot be reasonably expected to be additionally persuasive.  But this power should be exercised with caution.”

Santiago’s views reflect the sense of practically all parties involved in the trial; they all seem to want to end the trial soon.

Santiago said that after nearly 5 months of trial, the court “possesses authority to order the conclusion of trial on or before June 7, so as to allow judgment to be promulgated before Congress ends this session.”

On Sunday, May 6, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile himself said that he will do everything possible to ensure that the trial would end by last week of May.

The prosecution has already rested its case, and it’s the turn of the defense to present its witnesses.

On the witness stand Monday is former Manila Mayor Lito Atienza, who’s been asked by the defense to testify on the sale to the City of Manila of land owned by Basa-Guidote Enterprises Inc, represented by Cristina Corona, wife of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona. – Rappler.com