Facebook after a decade


Peter DaSilva/EPA

Facebook celebrates its 10th anniversary, but the world’s biggest social network now finds itself adapting to an aging user base. From its initial core base of teens and university students, Facebook is now widely used by people in all age groups. Pew Research Center says 57% of the adult population in the United States use Facebook. While it’s used by 89% of online adults in the 18-29 age group, it is also used by 60% in the 50-64 age category and 45% of those over 65. Analysts say Facebook has to shift strategy for an aging user base to generate revenue and profit. Lou Kerner of the Social Internet Fund said, “You can’t be the cool place forever. One of two things happen to companies when they’re done being cool. They either go away, or they transition to becoming more of a utility. And Facebook is very successfully doing the latter.”

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