PH 3rd most dangerous country for journalists in 2013

A report by the International News Safety Institute shows more print journalists were killed, and more were killed during peace time

MANILA, Philippines – Bad news for journalists working in the Philippines.  

The Philippines has been ranked as the 3rd most dangerous country in the world for journalists in 2013, in a report published by the London-based International News Safety Institute (INSI) on Tuesday, February 18. 

A total of 14 journalists died in the Philippines in 2013. This places the country just behind Syria – the deadliest country for media workers for two years in a row – and Iraq.

Unresolved media killings is a persisting concern in the country. Last year, a separate report by the Swiss-based Press Emblem Campaign ranked the Philippines as the 7th most dangerous country for reporters in 2012

Meanwhile, the massacre of 58 people, including 32 journalists, in Ampatuan, Maguindanao, in 2009 remains unresolved. 

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Print is most dangerous medium 

A total of 134 journalists around the world died in 2013, down by 12% from 152 in 2012. 

The report – entitled Killing the Messenger 2013 – found there were more print journalists killed in 2013 than any other medium:

  • Press (Print): 45
  • Radio: 35
  • TV: 33
  • News Agency: 12
  • Online: 6
  • Unknown: 3 

Over 92% of those who died were local journalists. 

More were killed during peace time

The report also found that more journalists died in peace time situations (69), compared to 63 in national armed conflict and 2 in international armed conflict. 

Most of the journalists killed last year were shot:

  • Shot: 85
  • Accident: 18
  • Blown up: 17

Read the full report below:

Killing the Messenger 2013


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