Prosecution will subject CJ to ‘rigorous cross exam’

The prosecution team will treat the Chief Justice 'with dignity'

House Speaker Sonny Belmonte says prosecutors will treat Chief Justice Renato Corona with dignity

MANILA, Philippines – House Speaker Feliciano Belmonte said Chief Justice Renato Corona can expect prosecutors in the impeachment trial to “treat him with dignity” but would subject him to rigorous cross-examination.

“He can rest assured that we will subject him to rigorous cross examination. We also do realize the importance of that,” Belmonte said in a press conference on Thursday, May 10.

“He will be treated with dignity. Without a question, none of the prosecutors will demean him or anything like that,” he added.

Belmonte has been guiding the prosecution panel against Corona.

Belmonte said prosecutors will not ask irrelevant questions. “The cross will also confine themselves to the issues,” he said.

Corona’s lawyers have told the court that he will be testifying in his town trial.

“I’m very glad about that. There are really many questions there that only he not even his wife would be in the past position to answer. I’m glad he has bitten the bullet and he is ready to go there and give his side,” the Speaker said.

Still blind?

Corona’s testimony was prompted by reports that he has alleged US$10-million deposits in various foreign accounts.

Belmonte maintained the House doesn’t have information on Corona’s dollar accounts. 

“The Ombudsman has been subpoenad. It stands to reason that both defense and the prosecution as well can ask her to give a general outline of what she’s saying. We cannot also be going there and everybody gets surprised by what she’s saying. I suppose the defense has some idea. Maybe the prosecution has some idea.”

“At the moment, all we know about the testimony of the Ombudsman is what we read in the papers. –