Mon Tulfo: TV5 wants to keep the ratings

The May 7 rating of T3, the show of the Tulfo brothers Erwin, Raffy and Ben, was the highest it has recorded

MANILA, Philippines – It’s all about ratings, said controversial commentator Mon Tulfo to Rappler Wednesday, May 9, when asked if his brothers intended to apologize to the public after the 3 issued violent threats while on their TV5 show T3.

Tulfo’s 3 brothers, Erwin, Raffy and Ben, went on air Monday, May 7, and issued threats of physical harm against actors Claudine Baretto and Raymart Santiago. TV5 suspended the 3 younger Tulfos, and announced it will not “condone” such behavior by its anchors. Mon Tulfo announced Tuesday he will temporarily replace his brothers, but hoped to see them back on air.

“I understand that management, TV5 management, planned to scrap the program altogether in the aftermath of that,” said Mon Tulfo.

According to Tulfo, whose brawl with actor Raymart Santiago at the NAIA on Monday was the reason for his brothers’ television attack, TV5 had already considered removing the show from its primetime block altogether, even before it was suspended by the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) in a hearing.

Tulfo claims that the Monday T3 ratings were the highest the show has garnered.

“It [management] had second thoughts because of the top rating T3 had — 29, the highest during the airing of that particular episode. 29 from [ratings of] 17, 15, 16.”

TV5 News Head Luchi Cruz-Valdes confirmed that the ratings spike is true, but denies the rationale. 

TV5 President and CEO Ray Espinosa said they are appealing the MTRCB order because it was “illegal” and “a violation” of press freedom, saying in an ANC interview that “errors and misbehavior of a talent must be treated separately from a news program or platform.”

Espinosa said that while TV5 respects the MTRCB order, it will question its legality. – 

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