Anti-Google protesters target exec

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Protesters in San Francisco waved banners outside the home of Google Ventures partner Kevin Rose, calling him a “parasite”. CNN reported it was the latest in a wave of anti-tech-industry protests in the city over the past year. “Protesters complain an influx of highly paid tech workers is driving up rent, forcing out longtime residents and robbing the city of its famously eccentric character.” Most of the anger are focused on big companies Google and Twitter. The 37-year-old Rose is the co-founder of Digg, a news aggregation site. After Rose’s last startup was acquired by Google, he went to work at Google Ventures. Rose met the protesters head-on by posting an image of their flier to Instagram and Twitter. He agreed in part with the protesters. “We need to solve rising rents, keep the SF culture, and crack down on landlords booting folks out,” Rose tweeted. “SF is such a great place, definitely need to figure out a way to keep the diversity.”

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