Building Identity, Building a Nation

CRAZY BUNCH. Rappler interns work hard and play hard too.

How do you build a nation?  One person at a time – education, values, shared goals and dreams.  What happens when you challenge kids today?  They surprise and inspire you. Two of Rappler’s interns blog about their expectations and journeys of discovery after putting in 250 to 300 hours.  Isa Rodriguez writes, “I learned that nothing else matters when you love what you are doing …Rappler has shown me in so many ways that I am capable, that there is a voice that can and will be heard – that that voice can be lent to smaller voices so that a collective shout can be heard. I saw through this that there can be change in the world as there was change in me.  This experience has given me a clearer view of the type of person I wish and work to be as I grow older.”  Jois Joy Guinmapang writes, “Rappler has taught me to always be on my toes – to literally chase after news regardless of the scorching heat of the sun; to be resourceful, to probe further, and to not ever be satisfied with ‘good enough.'”

Read more from Rodriguez and Guinmapang on Rappler. 

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