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The end of Corona’s 40 days of ‘passion’

Corona's camp invokes religious imagery to depict his impeachment testimony

40 DAYS. It is the 40th day of the trial that Chief Justice Renato Corona (in photo) has consistently framed in religious terms. File photo by Emil Sarmiento

MANILA, Philippines – It is the 40th day of Chief Justice Renato Corona’s impeachment trial – a day that symbolizes triumph over suffering as far as his camp is concerned. 

Corona faces the impeachment court Tuesday, May 22, to testify in a trial he has framed in religious terms since it began. 

“The number 40 means a period of restoration and renewal after a period of test, trial, and challenges,” explained Pauline priest Fr Ludovico Tacdoro in one of the Masses for Corona in preparation for Tuesday’s trial. 

Only last Sunday, May 20, the Catholic Church marked a feast hinged on the number 40. This is the solemnity of the Ascension of Jesus Christ, when he went up to heaven 40 days after he rose from the dead, according to the Catholic creed.

Other events of Christian significance also happened after 40 days – the end of Great Flood in Genesis, the Israelites’ arrival in the Promised Land, and the triumph of Jesus after he was tempted in the desert.

“I pray that the Chief Justice would be able to hurdle the trial after 40 grueling days and have his own version of Paradise, Promised Land, Resurrection and Ascension,” Tacdoro said.

Catholic Corona

Corona, who portrays himself as a devout Catholic, has often used religious symbolism to address his critics, as in his Easter message

“The persecution of Christ is a microcosm of the modern travails our people go through in a society where the temple of justice is shaken by tectonic plates of political expediency, and in a government where leaders take away the rights of others to give in to the demands of the mob. The sufferings caused by such injustice by complicity, trial by publicity and conviction by popular opinion seem like dark thunderstorm clouds,” Corona then said.

“But in the end,” he added, “it will still be between us and our Creator, just like the time of the Son of Man when He called on His Heavenly Father.” (Watch Corona’s prayer during a recent Mass below)

On Tuesday, however, it will be between Corona and senator-judges pressing him to answer the Ombudsman’s dollar “bomb.” – Rappler.com

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