Make the choice of chief justice right

In the aftermath of the conviction of Renato Corona, President Benigno Aquino III must not squander the opportunity to push for transparency and reshape the Supreme Court and the rest of the judiciary. Journalist Marites Vitug, author of the best-selling book on the judiciary, Shadow of Doubt, wrote on Rappler, “Choosing a chief justice based on politics and not on the principles and ideals the President holds dear will negate this momentous victory.” The ouster of Corona, after all, is a “big win,” Vitug said, for Aquino’s “anti-corruption program and call for transparency.” She also wrote that the impeachment trial that divided the nation for over 4 months did us a big favor. It has made it easy to identify the qualities the next chief justice should possesss. “It’s everything Renato Corona isn’t.”

Read the full piece on Rappler.

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