List of aspirants for Supreme Court top post finalized July 2

The deadline for application and nomination for the replacement of ousted Supreme Court Chief Justice Renato Corona has been moved to July 2 instead of the original deadline this Monday, June 18. The Judicial and Bar Council (JBC), which vets the candidates,, is set to convene for the selection process. The JBC has a list of over two dozen aspirants, and will soon publish the names of the final nominees as well as the dates for their oral interview. Automatically nominated are Acting Chief Justice Antonio Carpio and 4 other senior justices, as well as Maria Lourdes Sereno, the first appointee of President Aquino to the High Tribunal. The President had earlier hinted that he might pick an outsider for the post. Former energy secretary Raphael ‘Popo’ Lotilla, on the other hand, declined his nomination, saying the tradition of appointing the leader of the high tribunal based on seniority should be restored in the Supreme Court.

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