Deadly days in Syria, Iraq

A stretch of highway in Syria is now called a “Street of Death” after months-long fighting between rebels and Bashar al Assad’s troops. The road straddles the Bab el Hawa highway, roughly halfway between the Turkish border and the Syrian commercial capital Aleppo, and where killings, torture, and infrastructure destruction have been aplenty. Meantime, in Iraq, 111 were killed on July 23, the country’s deadliest day in 2.5 years, after Al-Qaeda warned it would seek to retake territory and mount new attacks. In the deadliest incident — a string of roadside bombs and a car bomb followed by a suicide attack targeting emergency responders in the town of Taji — at least 42 people were killed and 40 wounded, medical officials said. The violence drew condemnation from the United Nations special envoy to Iraq, the country’s parliament speaker and neighboring Iran, while Washington slammed the attacks as “cowardly.”

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