Topacio tweets: ‘Festive mood’ inside Veterans
'CGMA officially released. Everyone singing 'Please release me, let me go...'' reads one of Topacio's tweets

MANILA, Philippines – On the day former President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was released on bail, one of her lawyers took to Twitter to give the world a blow-by-blow account of what was happening inside the the Veterans Medical Memorial Center (VMMC). 

Controversial lawyer Ferdinand Topacio, who was inside VMMC with the rest of the former president’s team, gave the Twitterverse a unique–and for some, lighter–take on Arroyo’s bail. 

Here’s what the spirited lawyer tweeted on Wednesday, as of posting: 

#ArroyoBail according to Topacio

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The controversial lawyers was up early on Wednesday, starting the day with a customary “good morning” tweet. 
Good morning, friends! It’s another YEAH BA day. YEAH BA!!!Ferdinand Topacio
One of his first tweets was a reaction to a TwitPic posted by Rappler’s Paterno Esmaquel:
Protestors now outside VMMC to protest "weak" case that led to GMA bail #ArroyoWatch @rapplerdotcom Esmaquel II
@paterno_II @rapplerdotcom @applegamble They should protest in front of DOJ and COMELEC.Ferdinand Topacio
Later, Topacio served as the Arroyo’s voice on social media.
Tweeting from inside VMMC. Festive mood here. Cong. Mikey just arrived.Ferdinand Topacio
Sheriff’s here. So is Raul Lambino.Ferdinand Topacio
Just talked to the Sheriff. He and police, hospital staff working on the paperwork.Ferdinand Topacio
Cong. Villarosa here, demolishing chocolate cake.Ferdinand Topacio
Of course, it wouldn’t be Topacio without a joke or two… or three:
CGMA officially released. Everyone singing " Please release me, let me go…" Ferdinand Topacio
Considering exiting VMMC with raised fists singing "Bayan Ko." Ibon mang may layang lumipad….Ferdinand Topacio
With CGMA’s release, FG in turn will be confined to La Vista for several months.Ferdinand Topacio

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