VP’s camp: Jamias’ men roughed up Binay supporters in Makati

KD Suarez
VP’s camp: Jamias’ men roughed up Binay supporters in Makati
Vice President Binay's spokesperson contradicts the Superintendent Elmer Jamias' account of the June 29 scuffle outside Makati city hall

MANILA, Philippines – Calling the allegations “cheap gimmickry” and lies, the camp of Vice President Jejomar Binay on Thursday, July 2, disputed the version of events presented by a police official who accused Binay of instigating the scuffle at the Makati City Hall last June 29.

In a statement, lawyer Rico Quicho, vice presidential spokesperson for political affairs, said the version of events and video footage presented by Senior Superintendent Elmer Jamias showing the alleged confrontation between police and Binay’s security aides were “far from what transpired.”

“What can be seen in the videos he presented is far from the truth,” Quicho said, also blaming Jamias’ “leadership by remote control” for fuelling tensions over the past week.

In a press conference on Wednesday, Jamias accused the Vice President and his security team of insulting police officers and pushing the shields of policewomen who were tasked to barricade the city hall.

The Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) deployed police to the city hall to maintain peace and order after the Ombudsman handed down second suspension order against the Vice President’s son, Makati Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr.

Tensions flared after police refused to allow Binay’s supporters to enter the building.

Some 12 police personnel were allegedly hurt in the scuffle. Binay also allegedly collared Civil Disturbance Management ground commander Chief Inspector Gideon Ines.

Jamias now wants to press charges against Binay for allegedly insulting him and the PNP, direct assault, and for threatening him and his personnel. (READ: Mayor Binay, supporters should be charged – De Lima)

But Quicho contradicted Jamias’ claims, saying it was their supporters who were roughed up by police.

“The Vice President personally received complaints Monday evening that they were manhandled by Superintendent Ines and by his men on their way to enter the city hall. Both are women advanced in age who suffered harsh treatment from the police,” Quicho said.

He also accused Jamias of giving the Vice President the runaround when the latter tried to talk to him.

The Vice President proceeded to the command outpost, but Jamias and his men gave the Vice President the runaround. Finally Jamias was found hiding in his car. He was reminded by the Vice President about Constitutional rights and that by setting up barricades, the police were curtailing the right to assemble,” Quicho added.

Quicho also criticized the Philippine National Police for ignoring their camp’s complaints over the “excessive and exaggerated” presence of police at the city hall, which he said “greatly contributed” to the incidents there.

He added, “Perhaps Jamias together with his other officers should undergo a refresher course on the meaning of “order and advice” to avoid confusion.

“The Vice President understands the police officers’ predicament of following an order or advice but reserves his right to protect the people and vindicate the wrong done to them,” Quicho said. – Rappler.com

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