Petition to increase taxi flag down rate junked due to technicalities

MANILA, Philippines – The Court of Appeals (CA) junked the petition by a taxi drivers group to restore the flag down rate to P40 because of technical defects in their documentations and verifications.

The CA’S 13th Division said the petitioners only attached a photocopy of the assailed resolution of the Land Transportation Frachising and Regulatory Board (LTFRB); petitioners did not attach relevant pleadings and documents, and that they did not state what government IDs they presented to the notary public who notarized their documents.

“To date, however, the petitioners have not submitted their compliance to remedy the foregoing defects despite having been required to do so twice,” the CA said, saying the petition should be dismissed for failure to comply with directive to address the defects.

“In the instant case, petitioners did not offer any explanation at all as to why, to date, they have not complied with the resolutions dated May 4, 2016 and May 8, 2017. Thus, due to petitioners’ repeated failure to comply with the foregoing directives, the Court deems it appropriate to dismiss the petition,” the CA said in a 5-page resolution penned by Associate Justice Maria Filomena Singh. Associate Justices Ramon Garcia and Edwin Sorongon concurred.

The Fair Organization of Taxi Drivers of the Philippines, Inc and Alliance of National Urban Poor Organizations Assembly, Inc (ANUPA) filed a petition before the appellate court seeking to stop the LTFRB’s resolution in 2016 lowering the flag down rate from P40 to P30.

They filed a petition for certiorari with prayer for a temporary restraining order and/or preliminary injunction.

The LTFRB implemented the P10 increase noting the continued drop at the time of fuel prices.

Petitioners, however, said the increasing price of spare parts, labor, living cost and basic commodities cost merit the restoration of the P40 flag down rate.

As it stands, taxis nationwide – except in the Cordillera Administrative Region – shall have a P30 flag down rate, with a P3.50 rate for every succeeding 500 meters, and P3.50 for the waiting time every 90 seconds.

For airport taxis, the flag down rate is P60 with P4 for every succeeding 500 meters and P4 for the waiting time per 90 seconds.

Taxis in Baguio City has a flag down rate of P30; which will be added with P2 for every succeeding 400 meters, and P2 for the waiting time per 60 seconds. –