Taxi driver who was 'held up' by Carl Arnaiz shows up in NBI

MANILA, Philippines – Tomas Bagcal, the taxi driver who allegedly robbed by Carl Angelo Arnaiz, turned himself in to the National Bureau of Investigation on Wednesday afternoon, September 20, 2017, claiming he was ready to face the Senate.

Since he faced the media on September 10, Bagcal had been in the custody of the human rights group Rise Up for Life and for Rights. In that press conference he said Arnaiz's death seemed "staged," after Caloocan police claimed that the teenager shot it out with the police during arrest.

Bagcal said the two affidavits presented by Caloocan police were false, and that he was only asked basic details such as his age, birthday, and car details when he was questioned in the police station. 

When he first sought the help of Rise-Up, the church-based group said: (It) has responded in the affirmative to the request of the family for protective custody and provided sanctuary during the period of Mr Bagcal's serious discernment, soul searching, and firm decision-making."

The taxi driver said he felt immense pressure to speak out after 14-year old Reynaldo "Kulot" de Guzman was implicated in the case.

Because of the rash of killings in Caloocan during police operations, the President Rodrigo Duterte ordered the investigations into the deaths of Arnaiz and De Guzman be turned over to the NBI.

Since Bagcal's press conference though, the PNP said that the DNA test it conducted the body of the boy found in Nueva Ecija did not match with the parents of De Guzman. 

Bagcal also said that he was now prepared to tell the whole story if called to appear in the Senate. 

Rise Up confirmed that Bagcal has left the group since late last week, and respected the Bagcal family's decision to seek assistance elsewhere. – Rappler