At least 9,000 residents in Cebu City barangay under total lockdown

CEBU CITY, Philippines – A sitio in Barangay Luz, this city, are is under total lockdown after 3 residents tested positive for novel coronavirus. 

All 3 cases are from Luz, but two are specifically from Sitio Zapatera, a dense area of 9,000 residents. 

The two cases are in home quarantine.

Barangay officials said the sitio had been under lockdown since Aprli 7, but reinforcements from the police were deployed to enforce the total lockdown on Saturday, April 11.

Under the total lockdown, no residents are allowed to leave their homes for any reason. 

Police are monitoring the area 24/7, and barangay volunteers and the city health office are checking up on the patients' condition.

“We’re deploying 160 sacks of rice for them so they don't have to go out,” Mayor Edgar Labella said during a press conference on Monday, April 13. “Of course, we have deployed more policemen in their area to keep it under control.”

Nearby barangays have also set up their checkpoints around roads that lead to the area. 

Labella said the city health officer, Dr Daisy Villa, would be constantly monitoring the health of the 3 patients. 

"We found there are manifestations (symptoms) of the virus. I was assured by Dr Villa that there would be no stopping of the contact tracing," Labella said. 

The barangay is also home to the Cebu Business Park, where many of those working in the office buildings rent boarding houses and apartments. 

According to a report in Cebu Daily News, the barangay has enough food supply for everyone until April 18.

According to the latest bulletin from the Department of Health Central VIsayas, there have been 38 positive cases confirmed in the region since January. Of that number, 28 are from Cebu city and province.

As of Sunday afternoon, April 12, there were 4,648 confirmed cases in the country, with 297 deaths and 197 recoveries.

The province of Cebu is also under lockdown until further notice, while Cebu City is under lockdown until April 30. –

Ryan Macasero

Ryan covers Cebu and the Visayas for Rappler. He covers all news in the region, but is particularly interested in people stories, development issues and local policy making.